And finally ...

... To complete this trip posting action ... Backed by popular demand ... Some last NAmerican sketches and doodles I just got around to scan !!

Some west coast folks ... And , last , the valley of the ghetto bird !! Enjoy ...


ZAK said...

That last one is SOOOOO cool!
Awesome duuude! Dios mio!

Petri said...

I really like the last one. You should work more with that concept. I upwards view of that fucker running that you did a comic with (the one who shot the copper). In the upper corner you could see the mechanic cop bird that is hitting a spot light in the ground and there you see that guy running. In the dark, on a alley.

Maybe a manhole in front of him open and hes looking upwards and dont see it. The bird shouts Stop! but of course he doesnt care. He should because there is a tunnel rat sticking out of the manhole. With a pic axe. As soon as the fucker running turns=THUMB!! Right between the fucking eyes. Brain parts fly out and blood. And the blood shoots out as a fountain and there is a homeless midget with a raggedy steel cup in the air trying to catch it. The fuckers love blood... Makes them immortal.

ZAK said...

Buddy! Thanks for your kind words! It might sound weird but I only take thumbs-upps seriously when coming from you. Others, I appreciate but still..
Howeva, was going through ya plogs and jesus cristobal, cant believe u started it back in '07!! Seriously, it was like yesterday when I saw the stuff.
And yeah, can't wait to come down there. The best AND the worst part is... well, your range.
If it was between a dragon and a koi it would be easy, but as we all know one can pick up any subject between heaven and hell, AND beyond, and its never a problem. That being said, I haven't come around a theme SUPERB enough to bring it to ya, but Im working on it. Actually, the missus asked me aren't you gonna get more tats and I said yes mam, in C to the Hagen. Does it have to be him? -Yes it does.
BTW, Im taking off to Shanghai in September!!! You love the place, right? Gimme some tips where to head at.
ps. Still just love this ghetto bird doodl. Amazing.
Have a good one bro!