Hjem sweet hjem

Just landed back in one piece ! Hurra ! Packed my crap in Richmond this morning , got me another SSSS at the airport ( Secondary Security Screening Selectee ) lucky me ! And made it back to my little rainy island that , sure enough was the only part of the world I had flown over that had lots of thick , grey , rainy clouds ( the ones that shake the plane a bunch ) ... Happy to be back and am completely fucked from the jet lag !! Hadn't quite gotten over the west coast east coast one yet !

Enough of this rambling !! Happy to be back and will be back at my post at the Conspiracy to fulfill my regulatory duties tomorrow ... So , for the bunch of you from Copenhagen who wanted to have a chat with me for new appointments ( For October ) ... Drop by whenever ( 2 till late ) ! Bring the coffee , 'twould be super !! ( Double espresso / black )

Later !

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CoreyGirl said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a safe trip, despite the shakin grey clouds.