Space Monkey

Just a random sketch caught flying out of one of my sketchbooks today ! Don't really know why but I love this page !!

Been looking at a lot of old sketches lately for the "Electric Pick Ture Book" ... And some of this old stuff is really cool ! I should recycle and try to do stuff with some of these old sketches !! For every time I have a finished piece , I usually sketch a hundred pages ... Line 10 of them ... And then finish only one ! All these loose pages end up in boxes at the end of the day and can pile up quite quickly ! I think I'm going to have to get rid of a bunch of them !!

I noticed at the Comicon , in San Diego a month ago , that a lot of the artists where selling their sketches and I've been thinking since ... If that's something I could do !! Would people get my sketches ?? I've also noticed some interests from friends and collectors and am now asking you !! Oh ! faithful Plog readers ... Let me know what you think of this "Original sketch pages for sale" thing !! Is it a good idea ??

Anywho ... More work needs be done !

Later skaters !


Peter/Camilla said...

Hell yes it is a good idea!
Interesting about the book project by the way...

Flora Amalie said...

Why would i buy your sketches when i can just steal them from you?
I don't understand?!

Thorofasius said...

I think it's a good idea to sell them... maybe as a special offer when your book is released. Get the book plus a signed sketch for ... Euro :)

Anonymous said...

yeah cool idea i'd buy some

igl said...

the princess is right, we wana steal your skeches! wuahahah,... wuahahaaaaaaaarrrrg !!!+!!!