Shifting the pain...

Sorry sorry I'm always late!!

Pretty busy ya know!! Shipped the last batch of rolls of Mandy prints and a few other originals today! Seems that as much as the Hong Kong Post office guaranties it will send any piece of mail to any country in the world within 4 working days that the respective receiving countries however (I will not name the worst examples given to me by the clerk) might take up to a month, specially during this holiday season! So, much of you, I'll cross my fingers, should hopefully get their prints and originals just in time for Christmas however a few of you, might not! I'm terribly sorry in advance but there's just nothing I can do!

Anyone looking to order starting from now, should however not expect to get their parcels in time for Christmas!

In other previously promised yet slightly late news...
Here's a good one!! Buddy Nic finally got his super MK madness armpit to knee EPHK piece started and what a piece indeed!! The ribs have never been this much fun!! Now, my buddy Nic might not have scored a "Jedi" title just yet, but please appreciate the none the less astonishing dedication of an 8 hour long session on this particular part of the body!! Here you have it... Thursday's previously promised yet slightly late session shots:

Black & Red >>>

Lined up 8 hours later >>>

Next session in February when I get back home!!!

In other news... Get ready for "THE BOX" !!! Yep... More about that in the days to come but just get ready for it ok!? Yeah!

Stay away from needles!!! They hurt!


Simon said...

kaboooom.. mind blown

Michelle Hilden said...


nic said...

Needles only poke... YOU hurt. And scratch lines are still so freakin' unnecessary ;P

c'Ls said...

Hi there, can I have your shop location in hk please?