Cuff Cuff... Computer says no!

I'm terribly sorry, I have so much awesomeness to blog about from the last few days!! The final explication to the last secretive 8 months of my life, some epic work, both on canvas and people and some radical news too!! But it seems my beloved computator has contracted some sort of illness!!! Incredibly tragic, yet sadly very true!!!

My poor Moneypenny (yes that's my computer's name! You surprised?) is on the operation table as we speak!!! A heart transplant is needed and the operation has an 80% success rate!!

The unbelievably tragic part is that it might take up to 2 weeks to find it a new heart!! It's a 2008 afterall and aparently the number of compatible donors is getting thinner rapidly!!

So please be patient with us while we struggle through this trying period of our lives!

If you'd like to send your wishes to Moneypenny, please use the e.mail address bellow or drop a comment, we'll be sure to let her know!!


Stay healthy out there and I'll plog you as soon as possible!!

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