Ladies and gentlemen… No, I have not forgotten about you just yet!

Rest assured I am still here and although very busy, quite happy to see I've still managed to keep this Plog going pretty regularly for a while now! And unlike Canada to it's international environmental commitment , I'm not about to just quit you either! I got lots to blog, lots to show, many new adventures coming up, tons of pictures to put on the ANCOM and many many projects unfolding as we speak! As many projects as a phalanx of schoolgirls can have new ringtones to try out … And try them all… At the back of the bus… Stop after stop… So yeah, Many!!! However, all these projects always inevitably depend on other forces too… Money, people… etc. Therefore they do not always go according to my desired and preferred speed (NOW)! It's ok.. I've learned to be patient with time (not really), but I guess I've recently been in the mood for a little project I could completely control! I've thought about doing one of these on the blog for years now but just never got around to doing it! Well… As I was walking down the lanes of my local grocery store at 3 in the morning, trying to focus on what I was there for while the ridiculously loud Christmas music was screaming down my ears to be jolly… Cuz this was the season… To be Jolly… So yeah… It came to me! A box!!! Yep! Boxes are awesome!!! You can put things in them and I just love them and since I've been a kid have had the hardest time getting rid of them cuz you never know if you'll one day find something that will just fit perfectly in them… Judge me as you please… I've come to terms with it and live quite happily with my many boxes!!!

So hear it is… The RED BOX! (it's a working title)

It's a comic… Yeah yeah, I dragged it out a bit! I could have just wrote "Here's a comic" … But I didn't! So … Here's a comic! A web comic for the Plog! I will do my very best to give you at the very least, 1 page a week and no less! I have a few rough ideas about where I could take this but nothing definitive! This is the point actually! To see where this goes having no predetermined outcome or expectations!!! So … No rules! Just a story that will tell itself!…A little project to keep me company during my long Winter adventures in Europe and beyond! Hope you like this! Hope you get as excited as I am about the potential this has (of fun not money or anything serious like that) and hope you get as hooked as I think you'll get by this!!!

With no further delay… Here are the first 7 pages:








To be continued next week!!! What will happen to our two friends??? How did they get in the box in the first place?? Where will they go from there?? So many questions to be answered!!!

Until then… Tats tomorrow for sure!

Oh and last call for the MANDY PRINTS!!! I'll be closing the shop on the 30th so let me know soon if you need one of these before I reopen the shop in mid February! And also before they go back up to the price and shipping they should be for!

Let me know!


ZAK said...

Cool! Can't wait the next one!! Go Pat!!

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