Ok ok!! I managed to score my buddy Rob's computator for a few minutes to post this! It just couldn't wait any longer!
Here are last week's big news >>>

For you see… What happened last Friday, on the second of December of the year 2011 was indeed the most important thing to happen to me this year (second obviously to my father's birthday, obviously). What happened was I got my HK ID card!!! After 8 long months of very hard work, 8 long months of fighting the MAN, 8 long months of acrobatic paperwork Kung Fu with the white collar administrative dark empire that is the Hong Kong Immigration department… I finally managed, not without loosing a few buckets of sweat, to score my Hong Kong working visa!! Therefore after 8 months (did I mention it took 8 months?) finally rendering me a legal Temporary Resident of the People's Republic of China's Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong!!! Yep that's my brand new title and I'm quite proud of this achievement many said was unobtainable in my special circumstance! I will have to prove my worth again in a year, but for now, a little break from the Hong Kong Immigration Services is very welcomed and appreciated! Even more appreciated will be a "welcome home" from the airport Stampers going through the resident's queue on my next flight back!! For legally acquiring a home of your choosing is something very trying but immensely gratifying!!

So there you have it! The reason to all my mysterious comings and goings and not tellings of many stuffs and stuffs!! It was actually crucial to the success of this operation to keep many in the dark!!


Exhausted but very proud of myself!!!

I will do my very best to continue to post regularly until Moneypenny is back and keep the news of what else the above statement means for a whole lot of other things coming!!

Stay awesome out there!

Resident Electric >>>> Out!


Simon said...

congratulations dude!

Urban Warrior said...

great news buddy! Wish you a good twelve months to come in lovly HK!

art skull tattoo said...

Congratulations, in my case I leave the Brasil without getting my Brasilian ID card, after spent eleven years there and get married and two childs, so be careful with immigration, not so easy for anybody, keep going on !!!

godwin said...

Congrats Bro!!