Operation "35 Days of Nights"

I hope you're all gearing up for a great new year's eve!!!! 2012 promises to be quite epic… I wish you all the very best out there, wherever you are!!!!

On my side of the world, however… It's that time again… I'm getting ready to leave the HQ once again in the next few days! This time for 5 weeks! On the menu this time… Hard tat-zapping labour but also and more importantly for some awesome epic times with some of my favorite humans on this little planet!!

I'll be off to the barren, dark and unforgiving winter gripped lands of Copenhagentown, Denmarkia! A forgotten hamlet on the edge of the world! I should arrive at the Northern gates of Europe just in time to catch the last ferry of the season, just before winter takes full control of this remote and isolated part of the world and the ice closes the only way in or out, letting no one through until the end of the grim season!

Winters in these forbidden lands can last anywhere from the average 11 months to up to a few years never letting a drop of sunlight through! And can go from minus 10 degrees celsius to minus one gazillion!!

It's true… I've been there before… I lived there and witnessed, before my very eyes people go mad from the mentally punishing everlasting darkness, people drop dead right in front of me from the unbearable cold while waiting for buses that never came, people hunt each other in the streets, desperate for food and clothing not found elsewhere! It's true… I just wouldn't lie about things like that!!

Wish me luck as I return, for 35 days of nights! Wish me luck with the herds of marauding weekend barbarians, the bloodthirsty post office/customs pirates and the cold winds that can take the flesh off an innocent pedestrian in a matter of minutes… All, under the unholy cover of an unnatural darkness!!!

Also… XBox, movie nights and awesome times with my old adoptive family and friends from up there!!!!

I'll post again as soon as I make it across in one piece!!!!

Until then… Stay safe and enjoy the party!

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Urban Warrior said...

Welcome back to europe! And a happy new year! Time to see, if the maya actually got right!
Shoot outs to the world