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First of all... Thanks so much to all the people going crazy for my last batch of awesome prints!!! I can't say how happy I am about all these Mandies going all around the world to all these different walls!! You guys rock!

A few more of these left in both sizes... Just before christmas... Collect them all!!

Apart from that... It's been busy as usual… However a lot more doodle time as of late! Too bad all this doodle time comes just at the end of the year, after a long year of no doodle time caused directly by the pursuit of more doodle time! Just as I'm starting to start thinking of getting ready for my next European adventure! Hardly an adventure really but rather a long month of hard work and yet again very little doodle time!!

For all of you who like to see them tattoos I do… I highly recommend you stay tuned during January! A lot, way way way a lot of just that has been planned! Let's just hope I avert the burnout and survive this month of tattoo madness!!

I will yet again change my system for tattooing and booking these tattoos as soon as I get back home in early February and yet again, the amount of tattooing will slowly decrease on this blog in the constant pursuit of slowing down my tattooing! Not that I don't like doing it, just want to do a whole lot less of it! And that next level, I've decided, is starting this coming February! So yeah… Keep an eye out during January if that's really all you like about this blog!!

Other things are changing too! But I'll stretch that a bit longer!!

Here's my beloved HQ!!

Stay busy!
Awesome tats tomorrow!!

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