>__: Moneypenny News

I just got the call...

It's official...

They found a compatible donor and Moneypenny is going into surgery as we speak!!! This operation has an 80% success rate so wish us luck!!! They even flew in a Jobs clone to survey the operation... I'm truly flattered!

If all goes well under the Doctor's welding iron and she accepts her new heart, I could have her back in the next few days and be right back, by your side, in the digital age!! I can't stress how hard this has been!! No movies... No music... No calendar... Other people's and even some times, PUBLIC access to the World Wide Webs and its internets... I'm afraid I have to admit it... But those two American geeks (Jobs and Gates) truly managed to get us all hooked to their stupid gadgets like Dime hookers to their crack pusher (or anyone else who lets smack tickle their fancy)!!

Stay safe out tH##=)_"}}><--_:

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Urban Warrior said...

Good luck for the surgery!
P.S.: take both pills, fuck the matrix ;-)