Understanding 8/9

Hope you all had a great Christmas out there!! Hope you all had all the gifts you wanted and had a good time with who you spent Christmas with!

It's been a lot of not being busy doing anything for me, out here, and that's just great!! Slowly getting ready for my next trip in a few days so I'll try to keep posting as regularly as I can even though the busyness is about to start again!

Got a few more things to post before the end of the year but for now... As promised... Two more pages of the unfolding saga that is [THE RED BOX]!! Hope you're enjoying this as much as I am!!!



More unfolding of these terribly mysterious adventures next Wednesday!!!

Take care out there!!!!

P.s. To follow this story from the start... Check out the "RED BOX" link widget I posted on the side bar... Almost all the way at the end, between the "inform yourself" section and the Wikileaks link!!

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