Rabbit ribs...

More tattoos... More rabbits... More ribs!!
Here's a rather recent one from this wave of ribness I've been getting lately! Apparently ribs are no fun!! It seems to be the word on the street!


Buddy came all the way down from... Down the road... And a chick and rabbits was expected! So that's just what we did! Now you should know that the young lady here depicted, this rabbit affectionado, is obviously a hottie, definitely knows it but I would just like to make sure you all understand this... She's not a skank!! Ok? Not this one! Mhm... Ok... Here's what it looked like after 3 hours and 55 minutes!

More more more tomorrow!!! Yeah! I'm on a roll!

P.s. You don't know this yet but you can't wait for next Wednesday's instalment of THE RED BOX!!!!! Yep! True story!

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