Mandy Vs Your wall

Ok ok... Here's a quick daily update as promised...

Now it hasn't been easy but I've come up with an interesting compromise and if the quote is what I expect it to be there shall be a new batch of prints of mine finally for sale in the next few day! True story! That's what they'll look like and there will most possibly be 2 different sizes too! I'm thinking a 25 to 50 batch of A3s and a special batch of 10 A2s. I just got to see what they look like first! I'll let you know as soon as I do!!!!

Also in the news... Tomorrow's a big day!! By far the biggest and most important day of 2011 for me! I'll Plog about it tomorrow for sure but let's just say I'm very proud of myself! Those who fight for something get what they want if they fight hard enough that's for sure!!

Ok ok ... Enough with the speeches... Plog y'all tomorrow!

Until then!
Stay real!


Flora Amalie said...

*You will bring me one* (oh, snap, you've been jedi mind-tricked!)

(ps. the word verification is "pants"...!)


I s h a l l b r i n g Y e l l o w P a n t s a p r i n t . . .

I don't know what's gone into me since I read this comment but I just really want to bring you one of my prints, YP!!

And yeah! I had my word verification thing customized to either say "Pants" or "Shiny"!

Poulou Pol said...

Je ne comprends pas.... Tu dis que demain est pour toi le jour le plus important de l'année.... Pourtant ce n'est pas mon Anniversaire ??????????

Anonymous said...

You should totally make prints.