To all the Plog followers ...

... Old friends , new friends , customers , fellow artists , sailors , princesses of this world & beyond ! From San Diego to Beijing , through Reykjavik , San Francisco , Copenhagen , Hon Kong , Djibouti and Paris and so many more places along the way ! A smashing sweet awesome party tonight and the very best for the year to come !!!

Here's a shot from BBQ saturdays on the Independent Pursuit on my last trip across the NAtlantic this last Summer ! Most probably what they'll be doing tonight !!

Take good care out there and see yall next year for more ploggings and other related doings !!


Flora Amalie said...

Have a great new years eve!!

ZAK said...

You bet, buddy!
Keep on cheering up our days with your stuff and don't start no Jackie Chan kung-fu shit down there in HK, ok?
Hopefully see ya next summer,
All the best!

TsT Headquarters said...

Lâche-pas la patate buddy!!! et fais attention aux machines "machine"
Bonne Année