Straight Line Assembly !

Ok ok ok ... Stop screaming !! I know I haven't been the most punctual Plogger lately !! I know I know !! But it's pretty damn hard for me to find time , ya know , like ! 10 more days of insane burnout intense busy action to go ... then I'm free for a while !! So yeah ... Forgive my late posting schedule and have a seat !! It's time for the past week's review and well ... If you like that tattoo thing ... You might like this post !!

First of all , Tuesday ! The lovely miss Trine came down for a blitzkrieg visit from Ã…lborgtown (Jyllandland , Denmarkia) just for me to take a few shots of this super half !!! Thank you so much for dropping by missy !!!! Here it is all healed up and downtown for your viewing pleasures >>>>>

Second in line ... Thursday's doings ... The music monster lab !! All touched up with additional inner arm organ monster ! >>>>>

Forgot to take the marker shots ... Happens !!

Next ... Tripods attack all touched up and good to go !! Part one of Friday's doings !! Behold , puny humans !!! >>>>>

Part two of the same said Friday ... The injustice ministry ... In action !!! All touched up and well ... For some reason , this one was really hard to take a good shot of so ... This is all you get !! Hope I get good shots of it this Summer when I'm back !!!

Saturday's action , Also part of this grand master post ... The Red Baron ... All touched up and almost just as hard to take a good shot of !! I hate it when I can't take a good shot of these pieces !! Specially when I won't be able to see it all healed and pretty for another 6 months ! Oh well ... Inner arm looks good on these shots though ! With marker too this time !! >>>>>

VRRRrrrrrrooooommmm !! Yep !

And finally ... Today's Sunday doings >>> A truck for a lady !! The one shot of the week !!! Check it out >>>>>

ROCK !!!

Now ... Sleep !!!
Good night yall and post ya as soon as I find time again !!! Stay real !


Michelle Hilden said...

See Ya tomorrow to get my piece done, wuuuu.

CoreyGirl said...

lovin the truck and the 'pot head' kid!!