Excuses , excuses ...

Anytime now ... Anytime I promise !! I should find time to post my last week's worth of Copenhagen office day's doings anytime now !!! It's been so so hard to find time lately !! But yeah ... Just a quick post to tell ya good people out there that I'm almost out of the busy times and into the not so busy , usual Plogging schedule times !!

In other news ... I , sadly , was right !! A big fat , expensive , super polluting week of nothing has come out of this COP15 !! I like how they say that it's a "good start" !! It's not a good start ! A "recognition" of a situation is probably one of the weakest terms in the international political vocabulary for "Nothing" ! And it's not a start !! The start was in Rio in 1992 , 17 years ago !! Even way before Kyoto ! So ... Maybe when Washington , Brussels and Beijing are flooded might we stop "recognizing" and start "doing" ! Oh well ... By that time we'll probably be better off just moving to Mars !

I hear Mars is beautiful this time of year !!

Enough gloom and more fancy pictures tonight or at the very worst , tomorrow morning !! ... Promise !!

Stay cool !


art skull tattoo said...

t´excuses pas vieux, moi je suis dans la meme situation, mon studio tout neuf est enfin pret, et reste plus qu´a croiser les doigts pour que ça tourne, mais je suis confiant, reste plus qu´a te souhaiter de bonnes fetes de fin d´année et oublis pas 2010 direction " AMAZONIA !!!! "

Anonymous said...

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