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Today's headlines grabbed my attention in a special way !! Not just because I would instinctively always root for people who kick shit , fight the established power and/or defy the man's forced order , whatever the said forced order ! And am definitely not a mindless "democracy at any cost" supporter !! But the sheer violence of the day's protests , the dedication of those involved and the wonderful cause fought inspired me ! However violent , I can't help but find this struggle very inspiring !!

I've been following this story like others for a while now (since the last disputed Iranian elections in June) and today's protest's outcome was slightly expected however not on such scale !! Things look irreversible now ... It will only get worst in the streets of Teheran until some kind of concession comes through ! To see so many people from all over a country fighting for a single idea is beautiful ! Something the populations of the wealthier countries of the world have forgotten all about ! The head honchos of this old system must definitely be feeling the heat and that's a great thing ! The only thing that is unsure now is how long it will take and how many will have to die before the aging order in charge accepts it's fate and starts conceding !

To all my Iranian friends (strangers are just friends you haven't met) Whatever system you want to replace this one with , I wish you the very best and as soon as possible !! Top of the hat for inspiring the rest of the world !! And on a lesser note ... For starting me back up on the doodle board !

Stay up !

Less political postings in the days to come !! And more silly doodles too !!

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i agree with you powerful stuff