20 ... 10 !

Welcome to the future !!

Here's where I've been hanging for the last few days !!

Up to now ... All looks the same ! But this is only an uninformed guess as it's barely been a few days after all ! There's no telling what to expect ... The future is some serious business !! A slide in the dimensional gates that secure the safety of our respectful worlds , the mass rise of the dead , hunting us down , hungry for our brains or maybe even an inevitable pending attack from intergalactic armies from beyond , determined to take over our little blue planet at any cost !!! All can be expected and nothing should be left out ! Stay sharp , expect anything and keep an eye out !!

Until the future reveals it's morbid apocalyptic catastrophic self to the human race and puts our global survival in serious jeopardy ... I wish you all the very best for 2010 !!

Happy new year !!

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