I never want to grow up !!

Here's a little something for you to look at ...
... A quick post with a little something from last week's Wednesday's doings !!

Some bolts and screws on a young lady (this , the only shot manageable I'm afraid) and then this great reference to the musical master , mister Waits himself ! Enjoy the visuals ... More to come in the days to follow !!!

Hot legs on the Waits !!!

Stay fresh and I'll post ya right after the eating orgy which is also known as Christmas season in France !!

Rock !!

P.s. Also in the holiday news: Congrats again !!

It's about time: 4 - 0 :Over my dead body


nic said...

Such precision... can't wait to pick up a tip or two from you!

Anonymous said...

soo..u made me check ur blog, now i want to c it!!!! "chocoqueen" XXX