Dawn of the ...

... Day ?

"For one to see the light of day
One must wake up before the day is over"
-Ancestral viking proverb.

!! Quick news update of the latest happenings on the world wide webs for your internet pleasures !!

First of all , The man himself , Mister New school man , the mix master Driscoll in person has decided to join the wonderful blog community ! True story indeed !!! Go check a check a check it out for your self and be sure to let him know to keep them posts coming !!! Can't wait to see some of the latest and up to date crazy mad FiveTwo action , me self !!!

And secondly ... Check this here mechanized visual collection of genius and awesomeness none the less !!! Robots for all !!

Right back at the tat-desk tomorrow for some more hectic overbooked tat-finishness !!!

P.s. Yeah ! I know ... I can't stop !! That's how smart I am ... I keep inventing new words every day !!

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