Sporty spice ...

So yeah ! Been back at this drawing thing I do since yesterday !! It had been way too long if ya ask me but hey , mucho work had to be done in the last two months before the move ! Lots of organizing and way too much tattooing !! If there is one thing I would never trade in the world , it has to be daily doodle time ( and Guinness oh and coffee too ... I like my smokes a lot too ... Ok there are a lot of things I wouldn't trade ... But doodle time is way way up there) !! So here I am ... Back behind the sketchbook ... Doodling away again !

Here's a doodle of the infamous international handball star : Irina Bandurevskaja from Estonia !!

Just a doodle !! It helps me to get back at doodle-work sometimes when I draw real people !! Or get inspired by Pictures , like yesterday's piece !

More more more to come ... Doodles and shots !!

Stay awesome !

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Ollie said...

How incredibly Scandinavian.