Focus !

Organizing !!! Packing boxes = No fun !!!

No time for doodles anytime soon , I'm afraid !! Two last weeks of tattooing however , so stay posted for some of that in the next few days ! Moving out and storing crap around is enough of a pain as it is but being a spy and all ... It just makes it so much more complicated !! Emptying the safe house and erasing all traces of my being there is a long and elaborate task , let me tell ya !! Luckily for me the "company" is taking care of most of the shipping and storage for most of the super secret and "delicate" equipment and such spy devices !!

However , now if you don't mind ... I got a long night of booby trap disarming ahead of me !! So back to work !! I'll Plog ya later , homies of the interwebs >>>>> stay wikked !

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+TIGERHEART+ said...

got tha thermal scope so i'm unstoppable now! geeks look out!!!!!!