More more more !!

As you might have noticed ... I've been kinda super mad busy tattooing loads lately !! Finishing as much as I can before I'm out for the next 6 months !! And well ... Very sadly , got no time for anything else !!! So the daily doodle ideas keep piling up in my head and it's getting pretty full up there !! Whenever I finally make it out of work , I got boxes to pack at home and shit to arrange all over town !! Been pretty mad hectic and the only thing keeping me going is ... Well ... That I got 2 weeks left !!

However , despite the overworking stress and no time off situation , one good thing about all this is the tattoo finishing madness !!! Couldn't pull it off for much longer in normal circumstances but (In this specific case) the ends justify the means !!! Here's the rest of the week's doings !!! Hadn't had much time to Plog after Roboto on thursday ... So here's the rest of the week >>>>>

Friday ... Missy Van came down from Bordeaux (France) to continue this 07 sleeve ! >>>>
Saturday ... Mix master Craig came down from Londontown (yeah the one in England) for a doom sleeve continuation action ! >>>> Picture up top !

Sunday ... Double action from Ålborg (Denmarkia) the G-homies got themselves some double sweet finished pieces action ! Flower gangster from last month and the infamous Voodoo half from ... A while back !!! >>>>

Oh and buddy John came down for a few all healed up shots of the evil harbour crab monster half !! >>>>

Ultra productiveness is not really in my nature , however , I did manage to find time to breath a bit this week ! Been an ok week after all actually !! Too much time at the shop but still found time to hang with the pub crew , see miss Sophie one last time before I leave , Late night karaoke with miss Nora , chocolate party with miss Irina , learn the basics of Irish dancing with miss Ailish , get totaled with Commando Mich and Mix master Craig !! Might try to draw it all if I get a second !! Can't wait to see my tab at the end of the month !!!

More more more next week !!! Now however , packing is on the agenda right now !! So ... Back to work !

Stay gangster !!


Craig said...

yeah i'll sort tha beers out next time! saturday was good but sunday was murder and monday was a day off! hope u'r dancing career takes off bro! ha!

TsT Headquarters said...

Té une vraie machine !!! The blog is back !!!
take care -8


nic said...

Hey dude... no need to bring too much over here. HK's got all your needs (and more) ;)