A sweet day at the office ...

... 'tis what happened !!

This picture taken this morning from the shop !! True story ... Loosely based on facts ... Or was it , based on loose facts ? Anywho ... It's mostly true !! But worry not !! This martian destruction machine , this ultimate conquering contraption from worlds far beyond our human comprehension was just lost and in no way looking to destroy the earth and/or bring ultimate havoc on humanity !! Just lost ... And now it found a spot on my shelves of awesomeness at the shop !

So now that that's been explained ... Here's what I did today >>>>>>

4 and a half hours of colour on this space Buddha for a second visit ! Should be almost done after the next sitting ! More of this Buddha-mania in March ! Stay tuned for bright colours !!

Then ... Also in the day's news !! Finally got my books from master James Jean today ! The post office was all confused about the package and honestly thought I wasn't gonna be able to get them , again ( second time ) !! But in the confusion , I managed to take what was rightfully mine and not pay the post office's criminal , illegal ransom money they usually demand for all parcels they handle because that's what mail-mafias do !! True story !!

So two new , absolutely wonderful books from master JJ , for my collection of wonders !! And then ... When you thought it was over ... I got Allan and Malle's christmas presents !! Crazy shit from the future !!!! A gigantic automated alien fighting machine and a destructo also full-action automatic roboto !!!! Here's my sweet Monday collection of christmas goodness !!!!!!!

Rock !

Until later , fact believers !!


Anonymous said...

awesome ist pic great idea fits in there perfect also great colors behind the buddha greens ,awesome

Anonymous said...

i love u man