Up up in the tree ...

Good day !

Here we are ... An other day at the office ! And this came out of my full day's work behind my desk at the office of Blood , sweat and tears !! Behold !!!! 5 hours worth of lines ! I think it's perhaps a first actually !! A one session complete line-up of a sleeve !! Not too many really thick and built up lines but a lot of them ... Not too shabby ! Good for him , right ? Well ... Would have loved to do some shading wile we were at it but I'm afraid my customer would have rather spent a weekend in Guantanamo then get one more minute of tattooing !!! Waterboarding included ! I asked him !! So ... On these fine words of wisdom ... Here it is ... The big tree !! Don't ask too many questions ! He gave me a white card on ideas and well ... You get fish stuck in a tree when you give me free reign on your tattoo !! Let that be a lesson to all of you out there , who dare !!

Here's some random close-ups too ... Hard to see the whole thing in full frame !!

More of this in March ... You just wait till you see what colours I'll be coming up with for this one !

ALSO >>>>> Just figured out all the originals for sale ( pretty much the whole Conspiracy collection + a few more ) just in time to be too late for christmas !! But some times you get your presents after christmas and it's ok too !! Right ? Anyways ... Will be posting them all tonight or tomorrow ! They will all be on sale with a bit of a christmas discount for one month ! From when I manage to post them till the same date in January !

Now ... If you don't mind ... My pub spot is waiting for me ! tata !

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Anonymous said...

i'm not sure about guantanamo... but hell the last hour was not fun. it'll be a great first piece for me. "If I had only one last wish, it would be a tasty fish!"