Last call !

Just found out that I happen to not have that many of these prints left for sale after all !! Counted them , split them up in kits and sent a few ( 20 3-piece kits ) to the PUPERMARKET ! The rest is here with me ( about 30 of each ) at the shop or at the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX but all and all I have about 50 of each left for sale so ... Yep , Last call ... Cuz if these fine prints were something you might have been interested in ... Now's the time ! Check a check a check it out !

In other news ... I've been super busy with this book magic busyness and I'm a little late on my tattoo posts !! Tomorrow might be a good day to catch up on that and maybe even doodle a bit ! So keep an eye out here for tomorrow's post , if ya like these tattooings !

Later , print surfers !

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