From one to the next ...

... City that is !

If there's one thing I'd have a hard time stopping , it'd be moving around ! You get addicted to it and it becomes , very quickly one of the things you have to do on a regular basis or else you go insane !! Been planing my next trip all day ( visa application requirements , hotels and flights and crap and crap ... ) And am looking forward to this little next one ! Not a long one ... A bit of a rush one too ... But still a nice way out !

If any of ya are interested in getting some work done in HK or Melbourne ... Let me know !

HK Work dates : 22/23/24 Jan 09 @ Starcrossed
MELBOURNE Work dates : 2/3/4/5 Feb 09 @ Chapel street

But first ... Let's get ready for next week's Paris trip ! Some hang out + family time in the capital will be appreciated !



Anonymous said...

Hi Nick you hard working Elf! ;)
I just want to wish You a Bon Noël ´n´ a Happiii NewYear.
I see You the 29th of this month, for coloring the Happy Space Buddha.
Peace Out

Anonymous said...

good luk on your trips

nic said...

PICK!!!! puh-leeeeze book me down for jan 23rd. i can take the day off work so that we could have an early start on the piece. what do you think?