Angels and monkeys !

As promised ( just a tad bit late as usual ) ...

Last Friday's session !! Shaky legs got some more sweet sweet colours !! The angels are getting filled in and are looking good ! Hair , wings and that wavy banner drape like device thing ... Next time ! There isn't much left after that !! Just managed to get you a quick full view shot but the others were quite glary to say the least so ... One of them and a few close-ups for today !!

Secondly !!
The animals strike back ....... Again !

This time to finish the lines !! We managed to get all of them down today and that's a good think too !! Next time in February ... The colour ! Wonder what we're gonna go for on this one !

Tomorrow ... More flying peaches ! Until then ... Beware of your pet !


CoreyGirl said...

i love the squirrels in the tree!
yay squirrels!!

Anonymous said...

That linework is fantastic.

I has envy!