Tattoo R.O.E. !!

Hello everyone and welcome to December !

Now I've thought about this for a while and might have mentioned it before but for many organization , practical and stress reasons have decided to change the way I book my appointments ! I finally managed to put something together ! So , here are posted below , the new Rules on how to apply for a tattoo spot ! This new system will start on the first of January !

Rules Of Engagement

My work is very personal to me and is , in every way , very unique from the conception to the execution to the finishing touches . I also , most often work on larger pieces that require a lot of time to be completed ! But also , more importantly , because the main focus of my work is on the quality rather than the quantity , I have a limited amount of openings for pieces ! I've tried to do my best to accommodate everyone but the demand in the last few years has been a bit overwhelming ! I've therefore had to narrow down and carefully choose the pieces I accept in order to do my best possible work on these pieces but also just to stay mentally healthy !

So from now on , I've decided to cary a waiting list to simplify and organize my system ! Here are the new rules on how to apply for the waiting list , with your submission ! Thank you for being patient and understanding !

To make a submission for a new piece and get a spot on my waiting list please E-mail me including :

A general theme and idea
The size imagined and placement on your body

Every single E-mail will be answered (might take up to a week) with a confirmation of whether or not I have accepted your submission and your name is now on the waiting list or not ! Don't be offended if I choose not to take on your submission because it doesn't fit the kind of work I do , because it doesn't fit the schedule you ask for or just because I am overworked ! This is a one man operation and like I said earlier , it is obsessed with quality not quantity ! If , however you do make it on the waiting list , then as soon as an opening is possible I will E-mail you back with dates to start !

Waiting list Europe (Copenhagen) is closed ! It's approx. 3 years long already and that's just way too long to wait ! I'm thinking of opening it again in a few years when this list gets much thinner !

Waiting list Asia (Hong Kong) is open ! I have a bunch of names already but nothing to stress about so write me and I'll let you know how soon I can fit you in ! A few months at the most !

All work is free hand and all art work for your piece will be done directly on you , on the first appointment !

All pieces require a deposit (once official appointments to start the piece are confirmed and dates are approved) Deposit amount depends on the size of the piece ! The amount of the deposit , also being the last few hours of work on the piece !

Price is per Hour ...

All these new rules apply only for appointments in Copenhagen and Hong Kong ! For bookings and hourly rates while I'm traveling , please enquire directly by E-mail when the traveling dates are posted !


Thanks you for understanding and working with these rules , I truly appreciate it ! This new system will let me spend more time on your pieces and less on organizing my work months !


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