... But still they come !!!

I'm starting to think that most of my customers are Nihilists or that some kind of apocalyptic wave of vision of destruction , doom and all out horror has taken the world over !! One totally realistic scenes of humanity's dramatic end after the other !! My my ... Maybe it's just Winter too ! But hey don't get me wrong ... I love it !! I feed on this madness !! Here's today's dramatic , totally possible and realistically horrible scene of man's ultimate end !!

More of this one in March !! These Tripod/ships are awesome !! They were the first i drew this morning for this and the best too !! Love em !

Now back home after an other day at the office to try to finally make up my mind about these originals for sale !!

Later tripodsters !


Anonymous said...

looks pretty sweet so far

Unknown said...

Looks bad-ass and evil, i like

ZAK said...

El Awesome as usual.
Btw, I was just watching Wall-E, the new Disney/Pixar animated movie and its filled with robots and futuristic cities etc stuff. I told you to move your sketches from safe to a vault, man. Cause somebodys been through your stuff again. Heavily. Pixar swat team in your bedroom while you're asleep...