Zombified !

In the realm of the zombie queen !! R A A A A a a a a ...
Yesterdays doings in deed ! Filled this half sleeve up in 3 hours ... We already had the sky done and a bit of that sweet sweet dirty olive green in the doom mistress's face but all else in 3 hours ! Yes , as you can tell , I'm pretty impressed on how fast that was !! But more importantly ... This piece is turning out quite nice !!!

Hope you like !

Now .... Sushi awaits me and if I don't eat it all there might be some left for the rest of you and , well , that's a risk I'm not willing to take ! That's right , the only thing better than sushi is everyone else's sushi !

Later , raw fish munchers !


ZAK said...

You can actually see the light coming through the window in the shadow of the building under the arm! Jesus, give the others a chance will ya?

De Hoed said...

Awesome tat!!! Super cool colours!

Unknown said...

That freakin´rules... I love Zombies and the sky is killer