Party mix tape !

Today's happenings !!

Miss Linn , here , got her first ever and on the ribs none the less !! 3 and a half hours of grinding ... Good job missy ! Ah ... One shots ! Always nice to finish something once in a while !! However , I have no idea what's on the tape !! Allan would like it to be one side James Bond themes and the other side party mix ! I think Black sabbath on both sides is best ... But at the end of the day ... I guess it's her call ! Not ours !

Tune in for more of that tattoo fad , tomorrow , when I'll be starting a new half sleeve and maybe ... Just maybe ... Finishing Wookee's sleeve of robo-luv'n !!

Until then , stay classy out there !

Later !

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Uncle Allan said...

I say James bond on the A side and party mix with KISS AND Black Sabbath on the B side...Business on the front and paaarty on the back!!!

By the way...I have to write CUDONRDT to leave a friggin comment here!! That's bullshit!! I thought you were my frined!! Stupid capture!!!