Back at the beginning ...

Just got back and emptied the bags !! Nice to be back on the rainy island again !

Here are a few unfinished sketches I started last week and just managed to scan ! Nothing finished but thought that some illustration was long overdue on this here Plog !! Welcome to what goes on in my head !! Will most probably paint a bit on them too !! This is my brand new sketchbook thing I just started ... Square pages that I fill with random stuff until the pages are full !! Only a few pages were done but as usual ... More to come !

Also in the news !! Am currently answering the December booking requests !! If you haven't written me yet ... Do it soon !! And for everybody else that remembered to write ... Be patient !! A reply is coming !!

And of course ... Will be back behind my grinding desk tomorrow and except for wednesday , will be there everyday until Sunday the second ! Come and drop by the shop with some coffee ( Double espresso black for me thanks ) and hang out for a few minutes if you're in the hood ... My buddy Jesse's also in town and will answer all your questions about life , the universe and everything else ... But he doesn't drink coffee ! I know ... Weird !!!

Tomorrow ... A special day !! Will post about it tomorrow night !! So long head bangers and mash !!

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Anonymous said...

whens the book comin out ,will it be avail. in us,great sketches what were they done with sharpie?