Were-havn !

That's right ladies and gentlemen !!

Behold !! The Nyhavn werewolf !! The full scene !! With werewolf in action , foggy docks of Nyhavn , damsel in distress and unsuspecting drunk sailor witness !! ( True story !! ) 'tis what's been done yesterday !! A full set of lines for mister Werewolf Tobias !! More on this sweet piece in early January !!

P.s. Don't think she'll make it ! Sorry ... Wish it could be otherwise !! Truly do ... But ... Some stories ... Some times have to have a sad ending !

More tattoos to post ... No time to post them in !! So keep an eye on this here Plog in the next few days cuz lots more tattoos to be posted !! Including a final shot of the Batman leg masterpiece !! Finally managed a sweet shot of this awesome super piece !! Yep ... Mhm !

Later , Plog huffers !

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Anonymous said...

looks great but you didn't say how long it took,jus kiddin'