Br'er rabbit and the tar baby !

Finally some of that tattoo thing !!

Here's the day's doings ! An old story reactualized ! What ?? You never heard of this story !? Check it out !!

Tomorrow ... Zombie colours !


CoreyGirl said...

i forgot to say that i cant wait to see this coloured in!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW.... Thanks gonna look really good & from what I can tell the line work is impeccable. Waiting for color.......

CT:Mars said...

Here's a link to an American Folklore webpage with some of the old Brer Rabbit stories.

This is more or less the way I heard them as a kid growing up in North Carolina, USA. In other words, without all the political commentary you might read on wikipedia and a bit more emphasis on talking animals doing bizarre things ;-)

Still makes me smile and gets me thinkin' of "them old cotton fields back home". Which, oddly enough, was playing in the background (Creedence Clearwater Revival) when i was getting tattooed by a French guy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Coincidence... you tell me?