Web-mad !

There ya go !!
Just finished the last little touches on this last site update ! Took me most of the day but it's done now and I can go to bed !!! Hurra ! So ... Enjoy the new stuff ... It's all over the place (Tattoos , illustration , sketches ... etc) However , of course , if you happen to be a regular at the Electric Plog ... You might have seen most of this new stuff when it came out ! But I was pretty pleased to see I had more than doubled my tattoos for 08 and it was nice to see them all at once !

Let me know what ya think !! It's always nice to get some feedback !!! ELECTRICPICKDOTCOM

Tomorrow I'll be starting a 3 day tattoo stretch before we all leave for the Evian show next weekend ! So some sweet tattoo shots in the next few days can be expected !

And finally ... To all my Canadian homies from Vancouver to Montreal ( I don't know anyone east of that ) and to me mum whom I know has just started following this here Electric Plog ... A very happy Thanksgiving !

Later , turkey stuffing munchers !


CoreyGirl said...

I got jipped on turkey this year but someone is bringing me leftovers..

Happy Turkey day to you too!

Unknown said...

Site looks awesome, going to stop by one of these days so you can get a shot of my leg

Geraldo Maia said...

It is a great pleasure to visit your nice and interesting blog for the first time.
Best wishes from Brazil: