Plogiversary !!

That's right !!

Today is nothing less than the one year anniversary of the Electric Plog !!!! Hurra !!!! Just quickly went through all the posts since the first one , last 27th of October and am quite happy about how it all turned out !! Hope ya guys like it too !! Let me know , if you get a second , what you think of this whole blog thing !! Would love to hear some comments about the whole thing !!

Well ... Apart from realizing I post more than once every two days on average ( sounds like I have no life !! I do !! I do !! I'm just blog addicted !!! ) I also realized I got much more to Plog about !! So if you like this Plog ... Keep keeping an eye on this little part of the World Wide Webs !!

In other news ... December is booked , and I've done did some sweet tats to show today but no time to post it tonight so ... It'll have to wait till tomorrow !!

Sweet dreams , all ya Plog followers out there and don't let the bed bugs bite !!


ZAK said...

Its been a year already?! Holy shizzle. I thought you just were in Hong Kong last week.. Keep up the good works Nick and dont you dare stop Plogging!!
Now I gotta check out the first one...

Anonymous said...

Love this plog! Read it all the time. Helps keep me inspired!

Thanks for doing it.

Anonymous said...

Love everything you do and the plog is a great way to keep myself updated!

Anonymous said...

love the blog chek it like every day keep up the awesome work inspires the hell outta me,thanx