Souble Daturdays !

Shazzam ! That was a long Saturday !! Started at 2 finished at 2 ! Sometimes , I guess a tattooer's got to do what a tattooer's got to do !! So true !

So yeah ! ... Started this new one first ! 4 hrs and a half of lines later ! The space Buddha was born ! A sweet new one , if you ask me !! We're gonna use every excuse on this one to go all out , crazy bright , super colour mad !! So yeah ! The space Buddha just landed on this weird planet to do his happy Buddha thing !! ( he should come and visit ours ) !

This dude wanted a Buddha on his arm and I guess he didn't suspect some space magic !! Much better this way ! Colours in December for this piece !

P.s. Yes !!! That's his space ship in the back !!


Anonymous said...

cant wait to seeit colored looks sweet

Sashi said...

hey.. my name is sasha and im doing a tattoo apprentership in sydney Australia.. love ur stuff man.. fuking sick..... look at ur site all the time... cant wait to see new stuff.... catch ya.. sash :)