Doom season !

Ok ok ... Remember what I said yesterday ? Well as if that wasn't terrifying enough !!! Here's what awaits man kind if we do survive the animal's wrath !! Yep !! Ready ... ? Ok here it goes ... Step by step !!

First the Markers then the scratches and finally as far as we got with the lines for today !!

See ... It all went wrong !! We screwed up again !! (boy we really suck !! I mean ... All the sleeves I've been working on lately are about how we suck and are all gonna die from it !! A bit grim !) So yeah ! Pollution and over industrialization is our doom on this piece !! Bio chemical wasteland doom !!! Needless to express in too much detail how much I enjoyed drawing and scratching these hundreds of pipes and giant industrial complexes !! This stuff is like porn to me !! Over manufactured landscaped constructivism !! Can't wait till next time !

More crazy radioactive colours on this one in March !! Stay tuned !

Tomorrow ... In my never ending line-o-thon ... Part two of the br'er rabbit (going for the upper half !) And after that ... Off to Evian !!

Later , Doom lovers !


Anonymous said...

impatient de me mettre en mode espionnage a Evian !!

Anonymous said...

what do you quickly outline everything then hit up all thicker lines? anyway looks sweet have fun in france

CoreyGirl said...

that is an intense sleeve to be sure! looks awesome!