Just a chick !

So anyways the guy says , he says ... I wanna get a pin-up ! ... So I says ... Sure thing buddy ! What kinda pin-up d'ya want !? A space cadet battling fleets of invading hostile aliens ?? A damsel in distress , escaping the hordes of monkey men controlled by the evil doctor shwartz of terror island ??? Or maybe just a darling racing her mechanical spider , hopping from skyscraper to skyscraper to beat her arch nemesis at the big race ??? Or ... ( the list goes on ... ) But then my customer says , he says ... Nop ! Just a chick ! So I says ... Can she be doing anything at all or at the very least holding something ??? And then he says ... Just wanna get a chick ... Doing nothing , just .... A chick ! So I says ... Well ok then !

True story !

I like telling stories with my pieces !! But I guess once in a while ... You don't always have to !

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igl said...

i like that kind of little storys !
but i can´t belive, that this is a true story about customers how just wanna have one single chick,...?!?!
i think you´r kidding mr storyteller !