Too much vinyl !

Today's happenings ...

Here's a sweet little sailor girl ... Just chilling !! An other storyless pin-up !! That's two in the same year !! I guess that's what the original pin-up is ... Just a chick ! No story ... Just a pretty girl chilling out !! Unfortunately , we had to stop early , for my customer had a nasty sunburn and well ... It just doesn't go in all that good on burnt skin ( now does it !!)... Now , I kinda feel dumb for not noticing before we started ... But for my defense , sunburns are pretty rare up here in Scandinavia !!!! They only happen for about a month every year and you just forget that they exist the rest of the year !! So ... Now that I got reminded of the existence of sunburns ... Don't show up with one for your tattoo appointment !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow ... Some of that super drawing and painting action !
Now ... Some of that Guinness action !!

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igl said...

i wish i could sailing away with her.