It's not you ... It's me ...

Today I broke up with my gallery !

Differences in a new more commercial direction of the gallery and a discussion about the fact that my stuff was fitting less and less with the new said direction of the gallery pinched my ego ( my ego which has been saving my face and my ass for 10 years now ) and prompted a complete brake up ! No hard feelings but I don't like to work with people who don't support common ideas and at the very least appreciate what I can do , regardless of the category ! It's hard when you don't fit anywhere in the galleries !! I don't consider my stuff high end art it's illustration , or imagine that it's psychologically ground breaking , it's comic book art ! But I love what I do and it is good stuff in it's category , whatever you call it ! I don't believe or take seriously hobby art however more it sales for so ... Enough ranting !!! But no more of my new stuff will be found at Doodletown and I'll be holding my ground !

Don't really have time to check out other galleries around other cities and will not be trying to squeeze my darlings between fashion magazine photo collage pieces in other more commercial galleries around town either ! So ... The colourful walls of the Conspiracy inc. will do until I get the drive to look for some more walls !

Rant rant rant ! Tomorrow ... I don't remember !! Something to do with pictures of girls I think !


Anonymous said...

Moneymoneymoney..... That's how it is, sadly. But its not the first time you refuse to sell your bollocks for the sake of others, right? And thats why I love you, YES I love you, on my way with a ring!!
There´s surely a gallery that would kill for your art, just gotta find it.
Yeah, I got an idea for my/our next tattoo, just gotta find a good time to make it happen.
Keep on making the world more colorful buddy!!!

Flora Amalie said...

Screw galleries, we have our own!
Seriously, the whole front room is a gallery with beautiful pieces for sale! What else do you need?
If you want, i'll slap a sticker on the door that says "tattoos/art gallery"!
And what's the point of having our own place, if we don't use it for whatever we feel like?

igl said...

all this gallerys in europe are superscheisse !
they have no idea about art.
but i know that idiot- customers (jurists, tax advisers,...)
they want buy some shit like "degenerate art" from famose artists.
but there enought people who likes your stuff, and me too !