Chicken liver tartare !

4 hours and a half's worth later ...
We had previously done all the lines ( 9 hrs worth ) and all the blue grey and had stopped working on this one to finish other projects !! Today , however , we decided to give it a good session's worth !!

Needless to say , me and my liner had an awesome time on Mr. Emil's kneecap with the ship wreck and harbour water details and stuff ( yes ! Those are fish ) !! Had never tried doing something like that before and am really happy about the way it turned out !!!! A bit more colour here and there and all the background got finished !!!! Next time ... The robo-pirates get a fix of colour !!

That's right !! Robo-pirates have docked in town and are stealing all the girls !! That's what robo-pirates do after all !!!

Tonight ............ Indiana Jones ! Hah !!!!!! Waited 10 years for this !!!

And tomorrow .... Commando school !!

Later !


Anonymous said...

im sooooo pleast! love it.

igl said...

suuupergeil, alter Schwede!
Ich glaube mein AbfluƟ ist verstopft !
I love that shadow under the water. the wreck is deep down. pretty nice blue tones. can you post more details from the robo- captain ?
Servus aus Graz