Boys will be boys !

Commando school !

Being a super spy , an undercover man of mystery trusted with top secret missions across the world at a moments notice for the safeguard of our world ... This kind of training is necessary once in a while ! You know ... To dust off and freshen up on your deadly deadliness skills of super deadly stuff !! I can't reveal much more ... And have had to hide my identity ... I hope you understand but all this stuff is kind of secret !

No kidding !! That was yesterday ... Today I can't walk , have a hole in my head and a knee that won't stop bleeding ! It's hard being a secret agent in good shape !!!


Flora Amalie said...

Cute scarf dude!

Anonymous said...

fun, was it not?

igl said...

I think the Ghost- training- units was successfull !
Good job privat nick !