Nick green !

Here's the day's monkey !! New colours for the Captain !!

We had fun for another 4 hours on this one and I invented a new colour !! That's right !!! A new one that didn't exist or at least I didn't know it did !! I call it Nick green ( since I invented it or at least like to believe so ) ! It's kind of a turquoise / grey ish green shade ... It looks awesome I tell ya !! Just tried to stay away from the usual olive dirty green or the ever so awesome blue grey I'm in love with !! And came up with this !!! Makes me think of old comic book shades of green and also the way everything in the same layer of the background is the same colour !! Love that effect ! So yeah .... One more shot in June and this one's good to go !!!

Also ... Today we got a new couch at the shop !! It's pretty rad ! Swing by to check out our new fancy piece of furniture if you're in the hood !! It's worth it !

Later !

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