Honourable Mention !

Up to no good !! That's what these guys (down in the alley) are up to !! I've been trying to figure out what they could possibly be smuggling and all I can think of is ... Ripped copies of the next Batman movie !! But they're about to get busted !!

Would you steal a purse ? Would you steal a car ?? Would you steal from Batman ???

Awesome piece !!!! Had 4 hours of absolute fun on it and although my customer was reaching for the Trooper title and sadly came short ... I , after much thought and consulting Allan's opinion , agreed to officially give him Honourable Mentions !! True story !

It's always hard to figure out a way to make a piece from a subject that already exists and is known by all and make it your own !! Specially something like Batman which has been done over and over by so many awesome artists and then reproduced over and over by so many (not always) awesome tattooers !! It's a challenge to try to make a piece like this personal ! Been drawing and sketching a bit this morning to find out what my Batman would look like and came up with some twisted cool stuff ! But yeah ... This piece has to be my best example to date of cult culture classic appropriation !! Love it !!! One more shot of colours in about a month and it's done !!

Posted the sketch just cuz I really like them when they're a mess ... Later !

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igl said...

he looks like Frankysteiner, because he has no Käsekrainer !!!