From atop !

Don't know what these two darlings are up to tonight but it looks like they're going out ! Or maybe just home ? Don't ask me what they're sitting on either !! I don't have a clue ... However I know they're roommates ... And that they share everything !! True story ! But I'll stop there before I reveal to many details of they're private life !!

Just finished this one a minute ago ! It's 1 am and that's pretty good ! I started working on this one and another one pretty late and had promised myself I wouldn't go home till one of them was done ! So there you go ! Pretty happy for a day's work ! It , as usual , will take me a while to get used to this one and to know if I really like it or not but ... Right now I do !

Pretty happy to be back in production land !!

Good night !


Flora Amalie said...

That's awesome!!
I wanna wear their outfits and ride that thing to work in the morning!!

Uncle Allan said...

Hii hii!! Look at the biiiiirds and their gizmo-e-thingy!!!! Awesome!! Good job...SON!!!

igl said...

i wanna wear this outfit too !!!

Anonymous said...

i'm kind of crazy about this one