IC 51 ...

Here's a tram !

This one is from the Inter City 51 route ! With extra luggage space ... Sketched this one while last in Gbg a month or so ago ! Really don't know what it is about trams but I seem to be fascinated by them ! Maybe it's because we don't have any in Kbh ? Maybe it's cuz I secretly always wanted to drive one ... Who knows !

But in other news !! I have just found a way to make my previously absolutely perfect and ultimately awesome (truly heavenly) spaghetti sauce ......... Better ! True story ! I don't know how exactly this was possible (making a perfect sauce better) but I did it !! I found 2 new secret ingredients (which I will never reveal and take with me to my grave) and added them to a dose of about 1.3 to 1.7 percent for each and have created the ultimate supreme power of all sauces ! The behemoth of sauces !! The one sauce to rule them all !!!! I believe my sauce is also known in more primitive cultures as ... "god" !! No kidding !! Now , if you don't mind , I have to finish it all before the forces in charge of preserving the universe find out about my new forbidden secret and destroy me (and the sauce) to preserve the ultimate balance !

No really !

I should post recipes and pictures some time !


Anonymous said...

I want Sauce !

Flora Amalie said...

Recipes? Really?
Wouldn't you have to be dead first?

I think instead of posting blogs about sauce you should invite me to dinner and make me sauce (or god? sauce? god?)

igl said...

2 the Intercitytrambim:
I think it´s a sign for make the comic !