Bottom city ...

I know ! I know ... It's been a while ! Am so damn overworked with these damn T-shirts !! But they are a coming !! However ... Here's what I did today !!

Had some fun on shaky legs for 6 and a half hours today and after finishing the lines we almost finished the background on the lower part of the arm ! I gave him a super city like I haven't in a very very long time !!! I just went crazy for about 3 hours with a 9 liner on the city part ! Poor guy !

Later !

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Julia Seizure said...

that city is awesome. as far as cloning my dog goes, i wouldnt put it past you! we founf this crazy white trash shop where everything is in bulk, they have alike 5 different kinds of oreos i didnt even know existed, we bought a giant bottle o' tequila like the size of my leg.....WITH A HANDLE!? and this huge bag of gummi bears bigger than a pillow. that was like a month ago and we still havent even finished it.
crazy shit.
oh and FINALLY finished the canvas' which are due tomorrow! (remember those weird half naked pictures bigger than life size out the back?)