First of May !

Used to mean something ... But all the kids that made a big deal about it , 40 years ago , now all work in banks or in offices , in a cubicle , with titles like senior branch project manager or vice director of IT resource accounting ! They all loaded their credit cards , got a car for their 10 minute ride to work and opted for a private health insurance while clinging on to the public one (where available)! And are all most likely , to busy being much more interested in tax breaks and the price of gas at the pump to have anything else to think about today !

... So the first of May is now a cultural thing ! An other paid day off (where available) ... Which is fine really ! I just wish people would stop saying how important it is ! Cuz it's not anymore !

However !! I , on the other hand , have fought the man (represented here by the organized crime cartel which is the Danish post office) personally in the last few days ... Sadly have lost the battle !! (The war , on the other hand , has only just begun !) So I was forced to pay the ransom demanded to retrieve my mail !

Here's the good news (no more ranting) ... Here's what was in one of the packs ! My buddy Jesse (who was just over in February working with us for a few weeks) sent us this masterpiece for the shop wall of fame ( which is becoming quite a gallery by it's self ) ! One of his best ones by far , if you ask me !!!

Tomorrow ? ........ T-shirts !!


Flora Amalie said...

Grrrr, post danmark are not gonna know what hit them. They're busy people, but we have absolutely nothing better to do than wage non-stop war on them!!

Petri said...

I also think that is one of Jesse's best ones. Kinda reminds me of the Angry Carrie one.